Post Construction Clean Up

We Offer Customized Cleaning
Specifications to Meet Your Needs


General Areas:

Garages/Concrete Floor

- Dust High Ceiling (Lights, Fans, Air Vents, Return Vents)
- Dust Walls
- Dust/Wipe Down Cabinetry/Shelving
- Dust/ Wipe Down Countertops
- Remove All Stickers
-  Wipe Down Doors and Door Frames
- Wipe Down Woodwork
- Wipe Down Baseboards
- Clean Windows (Inside and out)
- Clean Mirrors
- Dust Blinds (if any)
- Polish Stainless Steel
- Take Out Trash
- Clean Entrance (Carpet/Floor and Door)
- Vacuum Carpet/Sweep and Mop Floor
- Strip and Wax Floor (if needed)


- Dust High Ceiling
- Wipe Down Walls (and Dividers, if any)
- Clean Decorations (if any)
- Clean and Sanitize Seats
- Clean Sanitary Disposal Units
- Wipe Down All Exposed Plumbing
- Clean, Sanitize and Polish Fixtures (Seats, Sinks, Faucets, Mirrors, Walls)
- Wipe Down Bathtubs and Showers (if any)
- Disinfect Doors and Partitions
- Take Out Trash and Clean Trash Bins
- Sweep/Mop Floors


Garages/Concrete Floor:
- Sweep
- Scrub
- Squeegee


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